Find Out How To Make The MostFrom Your Gas Room Heater

Want to make sure that you have a warm room when you come home at night in the middle of winter? If you want to enjoy natural gas room heating for your Coffs Harbour house, then you may want to learn more about how to manage this type of heating, and learn how to get the very best from this type of heating systems. Coffs Gas Company can offer you a few tips about the best way to make sure that your home is always efficiently heated.

Choosing the right gas heater

The first step towards improving your natural gas usage is to pick the right type of heater. For example, you may want to choose a ducted gas heater, with a central gas furnace and vents into every room. You may also want gas log fires, which are the most energy-efficient as well as providing good heat.

Consider where the heater will be

Regardless of the sort of heater that you choose, the most important thing that you need to consider is where in the room you will place it. Do you want to warm up the entire room, or the whole house, or even just a small portion of a single sitting room? With larger areas you will need to speak to Coffs Gas Company about a more powerful heating system, smaller rooms require more efficient heaters.

Prevent heat loss

Another thing that you can do to improve energy efficiency is minimise the amount of heat lost throughout the day. For example, you might want wall and roof insulation, coverings underneath the floor to prevent heat from slipping away, and other factors that will stop you from losing more heat.

Maximise capacity for short periods

One of the best ways to make sure that you get the best results from your heating system is to minimise the amount of time that you use your gas heater. Maximise the intensity of the heat but do it in short bursts. This is the best way to keep the room warm without using too much gas.

Talk to us about room heating

If you want to find out more about energy efficiency with gas room heating for your Coffs Harbour home, then speak to Coffs Gas Company today. You can contact us by leaving your details on our enquiry form, or you can call us on 02-6652-2411 now.