There Are A Few Reasons You Might Want To Switch To Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are fast becoming one of the most popular hot water systems in the Coffs Harbour region. Energy-efficient and cheaper to run than electric hot water, solar has a number of advantages if you’re thinking of switching or upgrading your hot water system.

Are you energy conscious? Do you like green technology? Are you fed up with the electricity company? You may find out that solar hot water in Coffs Harbour may well be a tempting alternative to the usual options. The Coffs Gas Company has set out the surprising reasons why you should switch to solar hot water.

Advantages of Solar Hot Water

If you wish to get off the grid, these are the reasons to do so:

1. Primarily, energy savings. Cut out or minimise your gas or electricity bills. Sunlight is a natural and free source of energy, so why not use it?

    2. Savings on your energy bills. You may still have other energy bills to pay, but in one area at least, hot water, there’s no need to keep paying. Think about how many times you use hot for showers, baths, washing clothes or washing the dishes.

      3. With your own in-house solar hot water system, you don’t have worry about power outages or empty gas cylinders. You will have a constant and reliable source of hot water available whenever you wish.

        4. You won’t be at the mercy of ever-rising energy prices. The sun doesn’t charge you for its rays. Most solar hot water systems can also have gas or electric boosters to ensure that even when the sun doesn’t shine, you’ll still have a reliable source of hot water.

          5. If you take an energy-conscious view and are concerned with the health of the planet, this is the way to go. Switching to solar hot water heating will certainly decrease your personal and your family’s carbon footprint.

            6. There may be rebates or incentives for installing clean, renewable energy-saving systems that the Government encourage. These will offset installation costs. The rebates are easily obtained by downloading some forms and sending them off. Whoever installs your solar system will be able to advise you on that.

              7. A solar hot water system will also add value to your house. A house with lower energy needs will be more attractive to buyers if you put it on the market.

                Thinking of Converting To Solar Hot Water? Get In Touch With Us

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